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Pakistan is a country full of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty, with an array of relics from the Silk Road and remnants of Mohenjo-Daro, as well as gorgeous national parks covering huge expanses of biodiverse high-altitude lands in Gilgit, and picturesque mountain lakes. It is a place that has captivated travelers for centuries.

Established in 1947 due to the Partition of the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan provides a plethora of captivating monuments for travelers. Discover the magical beauty of Pakistan and its glorious high-altitude landscapes, the Karakoram range, and the flourishing Indus River plain with our customized tour packages.  

Deosai National Park –Gilgit Baltistan

Uncover the wondrous beauty of Pakistan by taking a visit to Deosai National Park (known as Land of Giants), nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is this alpine plateau shrouded in picturesque mountains crowned with snow, but it is also blanketed in carpets of vibrant wildflowers, rich flora, spring butterflies, thus aptly earning its moniker, ‘Palace of Summer’, by the inhabitants. This national park is home to several creatures such as Himalayan ibexes, brown bear, red foxes, and was granted a protected status to help conserve the endangered species. Visiting Deosai National Park is a chance to experience nature at its finest.

Hunza Valley - Gilgit Baltistan

No trip to the country is complete without a visit to the spectacular Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. Encircled by majestic glaciers and precipitous gorges, the small town is nestled on the banks of the Hunza River and has long served as a way station for travelers journeying through the Hindu Kush Mountain range. Furthermore, the region is home to various wildlife including snow leopards.

Baltoro Glacier - Gilgit Baltistan

Baltoro Glacier National Park in Pakistan’s Karakoram region is one of the largest valley glaciers on the planet and a highly sought-after destination for mountaineers, who come to the area to summit K2. This breathtaking landscape is not only remarkable to see but also supplies a crucial source of water to the populations living in Pakistan.

Attabad Lake - Gilgit Baltistan

Attabad Lake in the Hunza Valley is a stunning sight, with its glimmering, turquoise waters. It’s a beloved attraction for travelers.

Kaghan Valley - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Kaghan Valley is a remarkable place, with its majestic hills and lush green valleys. According to folklore, the valley was once inhabited by a prince from Persia and a fairy princess. Today, tourists come to visit this enchanting place and take in the stunning views of the mesmerizing mountains, ethereal lakes (Lake Saiful Muluk), and radiant night skies. It is a place of myth and grandeur that should not be missed.

Neelum Valley - Azad Kashmir

Another picturesque natural spot can be found in Neelum Valley National Park in Azad Kashmir. Arang Kel is a tiny village nestled on the top of the hill and its traditional wooden homes offer a captivating view of the valley. A wide array of hiking trails is available to take in the incredible views of mountains and cascading waterfalls.

Hingol National Park – Baluchistan

Hingol National Park, Pakistan’s biggest national park, located along the Makran Coast, Baluchistan Pakistan. As a heaven for chinkaras, honey badgers, the park also features a fascinating array of active mud volcanoes (Baba Chandrakup). The site holds great spiritual importance for thousands of Hindus and is also the location of the famous Hinglaj Mata temple.

Makran Coastal Highway

Journey down the Makran Coastal Highway to witness one of Pakistan’s infrastructural masterpieces. Starting from Karachi, the road takes you all the way to Gwadar and Iran border. This pass is decorated with natural rock structures and the most famous includes the Baluchistan Sphinx, known as ‘Lion of Baluchistan’ or Abul-Hol.

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