Sikh Yatra

Sikh Yatra- Ji Aayan Nu

The Punjab province in Pakistan takes immense pride in being the birthplace of the Sikh faith. Sikh religious heritage is extraordinarily rich in Pakistan, and the country rightfully bears the name “ Pawittar Dharti (Holy Land)“.

Sikh temple of Siri Guru Arjun Dev
Sikh temple of Siri Guru Arjun Dev

Sikh Pilgrimage Tours

A Sikh pilgrimage tour to Pakistan include the visit to following sacred locations:

Nankana Sahib: This is the birthplace of Guru Nanak and is one of the most important Sikh shrines in Pakistan. Visitors can explore the gurdwara and pay homage to the founder of Sikhism.

Panja Sahib: This shrine is located in the city of Hasan Abdal and is believed to be the site where Guru Nanak left his handprint on a rock. 

Sacha Sauda: This shrine is located near Farooqabad and is believed to be the site where Guru Nanak spent many years preaching.

Dera Sahib: This shrine is in Lahore and is believed to be the site where Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh guru, was martyred. Visitors can pay homage to Guru Arjan and explore the gurdwara.


Sikh Yatra Tour

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